Cut down production time:
Improve speed-to-market

Making your product or service known in new markets, introducing training methods in multiple languages, maximizing the impact of your advertizing efforts in target markets, maintaining your corporate and brand image and increasing their notoriety are among the many benefits of doing business with professional translators.

All our translations are turn key, as we take a Translate-Edit-Proof (TEP) approach. This way, each text is translated by one person and edited by another before it is sent to you. During these stages, our rigorous processes and quality assurance tools largely eliminate human error. Then, as needed, another member of our team verifies how the text is integrated into the visuals and makes the necessary corrections so that the final files meet the linguistic and typographical conventions of the target language.

ADHOC also benefits from tools and processes optimizing the format of documents in order to save time. In addition, these tools create a final file in the same format as the original file. This means that our clients obtain their translations more quickly and may immediately use them as planned, since they do not have to spend time reformatting their files once they have been translated. This is one example of how our processes can help you cut down on production time and improve product speed-to-market.