The team

The ADHOC team

ADHOC is a team of translators, copy editors and project managers whose primary objective is to meet its clients’ needs. Technical and budgetary constraints, deadlines, brand image, and communication objectives are just some of the aspects we consider when seeing a project through its various stages: preparation of estimates, translation, copy editing, quality assurance, and document finalization.

Choosing ADHOC as a partner to meet your needs regarding language solutions is choosing fast service without compromising on quality. Our translators’ and copy editors’ years of experience, coupled with their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in translation and linguistics, ensure that you obtain linguistically impeccable texts. Furthermore, the ADHOC team’s IT skills perfectly complement their knowledge of language, providing you with a final product that not only meets your technical needs but also saves you time and money. With the help of various state-of-the-art specialized computer tools, our translators, copy editors and administrators work together to manage large projects and complete them quickly.

In short, choosing ADHOC is choosing the power of synergy.