Who we are

Our words create value.

Communication is at the heart of ADHOC’s concerns, for translation as well as for relationship with our clients. This approach makes ADHOC the ideal partner for any business wishing to expand its activities.

The main purpose of language is to convey messages, and, for ADHOC, messages take precedence. Understanding the context in which they are delivered, therefore, is of the utmost importance in our choice of words. Yes, we do translate words, but it is the ideas they convey that dictate our linguistic choices. We do not hesitate to play with the language or to think outside the box to communicate effectively without ever compromising the quality of the writing.

The strength of targeted translation depends on the translation agency’s capacity to communicate with its clients. For ADHOC, communicating effectively is essential. Rather than sitting up in an ivory tower reserved for initiates, ADHOC prefers keeping both feet on the ground and developing trusting relationships with its clients. This is achieved through exceptional customer service and a willingness to respect our clients’ linguistic preferences, deadlines, budgets, and technical constraints. We use translation aid tools and are constantly searching for new, more efficient ways to save you time and money, making ADHOC your partner of choice.